Monday, January 6, 2014

Pawn by Aimee Carter

This book intrigued me when I first read the description on the back cover. It has a strong female character, Kitty Doe, who I instantly loved on the first page of reading. Before I go any further, you have to understand that this is another , yes, another dystopian novel.  It has a similar theme to Divergent in that everyone in society is ranked after taking a test at age seventeen. They are branded on their necks with a number from I-VII to show their level in society. Kitty can't read and unfairly is ranked a III. She looks a lot like Lila Hart, the daughter of the Prime Minister (This story takes place in Washington D.C.---no President??). She's given the opportunity to live in misery as a III forced to leave the people she loves or join the most powerful family in the country as a VII taking the place of Lila Hart, who has died under mysterious circumstances. Of course Kitty agrees, but then finds out there is a catch. Lila secretly fostered a rebellion and Kitty agrees with it. If she doesn't play her part, her boyfriend, Benjy, will be killed. She's also slated to marry Knox, "Lila's" fiance in six months. He's a very likeable guy. Kitty, as Lila, becomes a pawn in the political intrigues of the Hart family. There are so many twists and turns in this story. The characters are great and Lila as Kitty is constantly faced with decisions of what is the right choice. Will the pawn, the weakest piece that takes the brunt of the attack, move forward against impossible odds, and become the most powerful piece in the game? Read and find out.

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