Sunday, March 3, 2013

Get Ready for The Hunt

For all you paranormal fans The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda is a  delicious read.  It has been described as Hunger Games with vampires.  The vampires are not sparkly and golden but fierce, wild and dangerous.  They are also not seductive or sexy.  
In this world vampires rule and humans are slowly becoming extinct. Gene was taught by his father never to look or act human, never smile, make friends or show emotion.  Personal hygience is essential and shaving and bathing must be done often so the vamps can not smell them.
The Ruler decides there will be a Heper Hunt (heper is what the vampires call humans).  Gene and Ashley are sent to the institute for training and things get tense when they have no way to bath. The plot thickens and there are plenty of twists.  Expect gore, afterall these are bloodthirsty vampires!
Book Two:  The Prey

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