Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Next in "I love you, please don't eat me" genre...

Did you know "Frankenstein" was written on a dare? A bunch of teenaged friends (who happened to end up being famous writers) a couple hundred years ago sat around talking about reanimating dead corpses late one night. They finally dared each other to write their own scary story and "Frankenstein" was born. How is this relevant to my book review? Because that story kept popping into my mind as I was reading "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion.  It's one of those interesting and off-the-wall books that seems like the original idea was some how related to a random late-night discussion among friends. Are zombies really mindless & shambling? Or do they think and feel? Can they be cured? Can you date one without losing your head?
R is a zombie but he's not a mindless hulk. He can talk a little and still think. He thinks a lot, actually. About being alone. About why he can't remember his name or his life before dying. About why the world is so horrible. (Emo much?) At least that's what he thinks about until he eats Perry's brain. Now all he can think about is Perry's girlfriend Julie and keeping her safe. Then the weird stuff keeps happening: he starts walking better; he can speak more and more; he even stops eating people. Somewhere between listening to Frank Sinatra LPs and learning to drive a Mercedes convertible, their relationship becomes something more. Something a whole lot more, something that could possible transform the world they live in.

So here's the thing: there's a movie version coming out in February 2013. Somehow, despite the fact I've known about this movie for MONTHS and thus planned on reviewing the book, it seems the movie was only just discovered by the world when I was finally ready with my review. This means you'll have to reserve a copy and wait patiently for it to come in. In the meantime, how about checking out some walking dead romance books?

~The Stacked Librarian

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