Thursday, October 4, 2012

What would your super power be?

One of the awesome things about super hero comics and movies (or I guess really movies based on the comics) recently is how much thought goes into the super hero as a character. Before it used to be a bunch of hokey tag lines with some POW! and BAM! bubbles. Now super heros are people. In some cases, they're kind of a hot mess. (I'm looking at you "Watchmen.") Even if they aren't a full blown walking catastrophe they're still complicated, with secrets and broken families and popularity issues. Perry Moore's "Hero" takes a look at one budding super hero, Thom Creed, who might be approaching hot mess territory. His mother ran off on him and his father. His dad used to be a super hero before a tragedy that resulted in his disfigurement, expulsion from the super hero league, and a lot of deaths. Now Thom has started having weird seizures which may or may not be related to the fact that he can now miraculously heal things. And that's just the tip of the secrets iceberg. When he catches the eye of the local super hereos, he ends up starting on a journey that will reveal his secrets along with the secrets of all those around him. He could end destroying the world... or saving it.  

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