Tuesday, January 24, 2012


There’s a picture somewhere of my brother and I both trying to read this comic at the same time while eating oatmeal. It’s Christmas morning and everyone else is running around with new toys and videogames, but we’re totally immersed in Sidescrollers by Matthew Loux. And for one very simple reason: it’s awesome. And I know that sounds like hyperbole, but no, really. Awesome.

From the Liberate the Lobsters movement to an evil demon cat to the ferociousness of Girl Scouts, this comic has it all. Somewhere underneath all the banter and videogame references there’s a plot about teen gamers trying to rescue a cute girl from a jerk jock, but it’s the detours that make this book fun. I laugh every time I read this book. Every time.

Be forewarned: this an older teen read due to language. But after you read it, tell us which cereal mascot you think would win in an epic battle.  I’m going to cheat and choose Mr. T, who briefly had his own breakfast cereal. Oh yeah, busting out the random geek factoids on you.

~ Book Ninja

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